BPL Introduces Study Light Studylite


After school, most children study for long hours. Studying in improper light especially during power cuts can cause eye strain and have other undesirable effects on a child’s health. Surprisingly, most study lamps available have no scientific basis to provide correct light for continuous studying.

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  • Product ships in 6-7 Days
  • Product comes with 2 Years Manufacture warranty
  • Runs on Battery with backup of 6hrs
  • Now BPL in association with Shankara Nethralaya has designed a Study light that runs on battery power. That means no disturbance during power cuts. More than that it’s scientifically designed to protect the eyes of students. This is what BPL have to say about their product.


    BPL Design Story
    StudyLite was co-created by BPL Techno Vision in collaboration with a team of specialists of Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai -one of the foremost eye care hospitals in India and supported on Optometric research by the Elite School of Optometry under its aegis.

    When designing the StudyLite our prime concern was to create a lamp that will in no way harm eyes of children. Our engineering team worked in close collaboration with the team from The Elite School of Optometry of Sankara Nethralaya to develop the StudyLite within parameters arrived at by an extensive study of light parameters for continuos study. In StudyLite design we had to take into consideration factors such as Luminance (optimum spread of light in study area), Spectral Power Distribution (to ensure colour temperature of light), Illumination (uniform, flicker-free lighting and right colour rendering index), and Radiation Effect etc (no harmful ultra-violet or infra-red radiation).

    The BPL Studylite is designed and developed based on the study and survey of literature on the essential components of lighting related issues for the task of reading. The survey was carried out by the faculty and post graduate students of Elite School of Optometry. Inputs of the findings were given to the BPL team on standards for luminance, reading area, uniformity index, IR & UV tolerance, colour rendering index, glare, etc. Endorsed by this study lamp is green because it uses the LED, the so-far most energy efficient light producing device.

    The product has a rechargeable battery. The battery can be charged from AC mains and also purchasing additional accessory BPL u.power SP 1000 Solar Panel. Solar/DC Power Supply: 12 V DC, 5 W (Solar panel is additional accessory and not a part of pack).

    The lamp enables uninterrupted reading since the battery provides a back up of 6 hours. Sankara Nethralaya has tested this studylite with 18 subjects in the age bracket of 13 to 25 years who were screened for normal vision parameters. For all the 18 subjects, variance in the visual functions such as Visual acuity and Contrast Sensitivity (using SVIS Chart), Color vision (using achromatic setting), Stereopsis (using Titmus Stereo Test), Tear function (using Schirmer’s strips), and Reading speed (using SNREAD) are checked and effects found in the analysed parameters are well within the clinically accepted values. The studylite has been checked with and without ambient light.

    • Mains Power: 100-260 V AC, 50-60 Hz, 6 W
    • Solar/DC Power Supply*: 12 V DC, 5 W
    • Initial Charge Time: 2 hours
    • Regular Charge Time: Up to 10 hours
    • Light Source: 20 mA, 24 LEDs
    • Operating Time on battery back-up with full charge: Up to 6 hours
    • Battery: 3.6 V, 1500 mAh, NiMH x 2
    • Switch: Push type: On-Off
    • Operating Temperature (°C): 14885
    • Dimensions (mm): 150 Ø (dia) x 550 (h)
    • Weight (gm): 750


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