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KPSC KAS Exam New System of Examination & Syllabus. Post Published at News Bird http://news.ravisblognet.com. KPSC is introducing a new system of Exam & Syllabus for KAS Exams 2012 & onwards. The new KAS Exam Syllabus & Exam system will be in par with the UPSC IAS Exam (Civil Service Exam). There are more than 350 posts vacant in Karnataka for KAS (Gazetted Probationers). KPSC will conduct KAS Exam 2012 in the month of February. KPSC LOGO 1[3] Till now the KPSC conducted six KAS Exams. The KAS exams had a different pattern & syllabus that attracted lot of criticism and outcry from the KAS Aspirants & experts. In KAS old system, some electives were easy while some other subjects are tough. All these subjects have given equal weight age.  Therefore candidates choosing some of the easy subjects usually pass the exam very easily. There were instances that majority of the candidates selected as KAS have chosen very few easy subjects while there is no candidates from some of the toughest subjects.

So some of the irritated candidates moved to court questioning the KAS Exam system. As a reply to this move KPSC is now come up with new system & syllabus for KAS Exam.

KAS New Syllabus : KAS Exam 2012 Exam Pattern

KAS (Prelims) Exam Pattern : Objective Type Questions

There are two papers in KAS (Prelims) Exam. Paper – I & Paper – II. Each paper contains two parts. Part – I & Part – II. The questions will be in both Kannada & English. 20 questions carry 400 marks.

Paper – I :

  • Part – I (National / International / Current Affairs)
  • Part – II (Humanities / Arts / History)

Part – I contains 40 questions from National & International current affairs carries 80 marks in total. Part – II contains 60 questions from humanities, Arts & History carries 120 marks in total.  So from both the parts, Paper – I  contains 100 questions that carry 200 marks.

Paper – II :

  • Part – I (General Knowledge / Karnataka State Current Affairs)
  • Part – II (Science & Technology, Environment & Ecology / General Mental Ability)

Part – I contains 40 questions from General Knowledge / Karnataka State current affairs carries 80 marks in total. Part – II contains 30 questions from Science & Technology carries 60 marks & 30 questions related to General Mental Ability carrying 60 marks totaling 120 marks.  So from both the parts, Paper – I  contains 100 questions that carry 200 marks.

KAS (Main) Exam Pattern : Descriptive Type questions

KAS (Main) Exam contains 8 papers carrying 2100 marks.

  • Paper – I : Compulsory Kannada – 150 Marks
  • Paper – II : Compulsory English – 150 Marks
  • Paper – III : General Studies (Paper – I) – 300 Marks
  • Paper – IV : General Studies (Paper – II) – 300 Marks
  • Paper – V, VI, VII & VIII : Out of 30 elective subjects two subjects should be selected. Each subject contains two papers carrying 300 marks each.

Elective Subjects : (Subject Code : Elective Subjects)

  1. Agriculture, Sericulture, Agricultural Marketing And Co-Operation
  2. Animal Husbandry, Veterinary Sciences And Fisheries
  3. Botany
  4. Chemistry
  5. Civil Engineering
  6. Commerce, Accounting:, Business Organization & Secretarial Practice:
  7. Criminology
  8. Economics, Karnataka Economy
  9. Electrical Engineering
  10. Geography
  11. Law
  12. Mathematics
  13. History
  14. Mechanical Engineering
  15. Philosophy
  16. Geology
  17. Physics
  18. Political Science And International Relations
  19. Psychology
  20. Public Administration.
  21. Sociology
  22. Statistics
  23. Zoology
  24. Rural Development & Co-operation
  25. Hindi
  26. Anthropology.
  27. Urdu Syllabus
  28. Kannada
  29. English
  30. Management

The subjects are grouped and candidates should not take more than one subject from each single group. The Elective subject groups are as follows.

  • Political Science & International Relations / Public Administration
  • Commerce & Accountancy / Management
  • Anthropology / Sociology
  • Mathematics / Statistics
  • Agriculture, Sericulture, Agricultural Marketing And Co-Operation / Animal Husbandry, Veterinary Sciences And Fisheries
  • Civil Engineering / Electrical Engineering / Mechanical Engineering
  • Economics / Rural Development& Co-operation
  • Agriculture, Sericulture, Agricultural Marketing And Co-Operation / Rural Development& Co-operation
  • Hindi / Urdu / Kannada / English Languages

Candidates need to take two elective subjects. According to new exam pattern candidates should not take more than one subject from the groups mentioned above. For. E.g Candidates cannot take both Anthropology & Sociology  as their electives. They can choose any one subject. Sociology or Anthropology with some other subject like History.

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KAS Old Syllabus :

In old KAS Exam syllabus there were two papers. General Knowledge paper carry 150 marks & elective subjects carry 300 marks. Total 450 marks. General Knowledge paper carry 1 mark for each question while elective paper carry 2.5 marks for each question.


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