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Bangalore University Directorate of Distance Education provides Distance Education through Correspondence courses. Those who are not able to attend regular full time courses can get admission into these courses and study according their own study schedule. They should attend the weekend classes at the study centers.
University Provides study materials both print edition as well as online edition/soft copy/ebooks for their students to download and study from the home / cyber cafe computers.
Download the study Materials of Correspondence Courses
1st B.Com English Medium
  • English Language Work Book
  • Financial_Accounting
  • Business Economics
2nd B.Com English Medium
  • English Language Business Communication
  • Financial Accounting-2
  • Business Statistics
  • Business Management
3rd B.Com English Medium
  • Law & Practice of Income Tax
  • Cost Accounting
  • Advanced Financial Accounting
  • Management Accounting
1st B.A English Medium
  • History Of India Up to 1707 AD
  • Sociology(Sociology of India)
  • English Language
2nd B.A English Medium
  • International Economics    
  • History(History Of Karnataka)
  • Sociology(Principle of Sociology)
  • English Language
3rd B.A English Medium
  • Economics 3(Indian Economics)
  • Economics 4
  • History 3
  • History 4
  • Optional English 3-1    
  • Optional English 3-2    
  • Optional English 3-4
  • Political Science 3
  • Political Science 4(Public Admin)
  • Sociology 3(Social Problems)
  • Sociology 4(Industrial Sociology)
1st B.A Kannada Medium
Political Science(Indian Govt)
2nd B.A Kannada Medium
  • International Economics
  • History(History of Karnataka)
  • Sociology(Principles Of Sociology)
  • Kannada Language
3rd B.A Kannada Medium
  • History 3
  • History 4
  • Political Science 3(Political 1)
  • Political Science 4(Public Adm)
  • Sociology 3(Social Problems)
  • Sociology 4(Industrial Sociology)
1st M.A Kannada Medium
  • Economics Paper-2
  • Economics Paper-3
  • History-2
  • History-4
  • History-5
2nd M.A Kannada Medium
  • History-9
  • History-10
1st M.A English Medium
  • English Paper-1
  • English Paper-2
  • English Paper-3
  • English Paper-4
  • English Paper-5
2nd M.A English Medium
  • English Paper-6    
  • English Paper-7    
  • English Paper-8
  • English Paper-9
  • English Paper-10
  • Philosophy-7
  • Mathematics Paper1
  • Mathematics Paper2
  • Mathematics Paper3
  • Mathematics Paper5
  • Mathematics Paper6
  • Mathematics Paper7
  • Mathematics Paper8
  • Mathematics Paper9   
  • Mathematics Paper10
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  2. On Sun, Sep 30, 2012 at 9:30 AM, ADITI PAI wrote:

    Hello Sir,

    I have been trying to download B.A Bangalore University ebooks , but I am unable to do so. It gives me a error when i try to download or click on the particular books.
    I need the 2nd year History , Sociology and english and 3rd year History, sociology and English. Could you please send me the pdf through mail if you dont mind or please fix the errors..
    Aditi Pai

    Hi Aditi,
    The e-resources website of Bangalore university is changed. Please refer Bangalore University e-resources for the latest website to download study materials.

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