Positive Side of Common Wealth Games Delhi 2010 Photos


APJ Abdul Kalam once asked the media why they are so negative? They only show the negative aspects of the society but ignore if some good things happen. If you see the media both print and electronic, you can only see the scandals, corruption of politicians and the authorities of Common Wealth Games. Don’t these media have any responsibility. Don’t they think for a while when publishing such news which largely impacts the people of the nation. It’s time for us to come together and uphold the pride of India. But the negative portray of CWG Delhi 2010 is effecting such participation from each and every citizen of our India.

Apart from an appeal by Sahara group to come together to make this games success nobody showed any concern. In such scenario one of my friend pointed to the bright side of Common Wealth Games Delhi 2010. Here is the pictures of arrangements for the games.


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Download the Media Guide - a detailed document entailing all important information released to both national and international media. The guide has information all on services and facilities that will be provided to the media during the XIX Commonwealth Games 2010 Delhi. It also serves as a help-book with all important Games time schedules and details of different venues.  The guide is an evolving document which will be uploaded monthly.

Download Media Guide


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