KPSC KAS Syllabus How to Prepare for KAS Exam

KPSC conducts KAS Exams in 2010. There is no change in syllabus and will be followed as it is from the previous year syllabus. So here is the KAS Syllabus copy for you to download. Please note this is the KAS Syllabus for year 2008. We have uploaded it here for your reference. Once the KPSC Officially announce the Notification and dte of KAS Exams they may publish the revised Syllabus also. So please use the following Syllabus for getting the basic idea about the topics covered. Please visit this website for more details and updates.

How to Prepare for KAS
Meanwhile How to Prepare for KAS is one of the most frequntly asked questions by our readers. So we have prepared an detailed article about KAS Exam and how to prepare for it. You can get the tips from our education & Career website link provided below.

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Update : Engineering Students in Dilemma over Elective Subjects
Many Engineering students from non conventional specializations are asking about how to choose electives in KAS while the subjects they studied in Engineering is not available in the List of Electives. For them we would like to clarify that, Electives in KAS that you choose not necessarily from the subjects you have studied in your degree. You can choose any subject that you are comfortable with, can prepare yourself. So for that matter if you have done B.E in Electronics and have interest in subjects mentioned in KAS electives like Anthropology or Mathematics, you can choose that.
An Expert article is published in Prajavani Newspaper dated 15-02-2010 by Dr.D.C.Nanjunda. You can download and read the same from Prajavani E-Paper. The author advises Engineering students to choose Anthropology as an elective subject. As it has less syllabus and any one can easily prepare for exam, he advices one has to choose this subject. Even the success rate of people choosing Anthropology in KAS is also high compare to others. Notes the author. For your convenience we have attached the excerpt from the article in PDF format which you can download from the following link

Download article in Prajavani KAS Exam : Preparation for Anthropology Subject 
Download Article in Prajavani : 3Ps for Success in KAS

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      1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

      2. Dear Somu,
        Sorry to inform you that your comment is removed as it is misleading & discouraging. Please don't post any comments of such kind. You have to think positive and confidently write exam without much bothering about the results.

        As we are not an insider nor anyone linked to the organization which conducts the exam we cannot comment on the process. If you still have such questions in mind contact the officials or those who already secured the job under KAS.

      3. Hello,
        I came here searching for information on preparation for KAS exam. loved the blog. its very informative and useful.just wanted to thank you, keep up the good work.

      4. Thanks to All for visiting News Bird. By this time KPSC should have announced the Notification for KAS Exams. But due to some reasons it's not yet announced. Please keep visiting our Blog for the updates. We will announce it once it's made public. Thanks for your patience.

      5. Dear sir,
        This is savita...i hv completd BE in computer science...i am a fresher..i want to prepare for KAS exam...which subject i hv to the elective subjects list they gvn 30 subjects...any two i hv to choose na...but their is no subjects related to our branch...plz guide me in choosing their any links related to KAS exam preparation..?
        Thank You

      6. Dear Deepika,
        Thanks for visiting our website. We have visited your blogs also and it's pretty unique as every one else. Keep it up.

        Dear Savitha,
        It's nice to here that Engineering Students are also showing interest towards Administration. Though our education system and branches in Engineering have increased, our Good old Govt. and KPSC has not yet updated theirs.

        So we can see only the traditional Engineering subjects like Mechanica, Electrical and Civil nothing else. But as of now what you can do is instead of focussing on engineering subjects, focus on the subjects that you are pretty interested and confortable studying yourself.

        We are very sorry say this but have no option. If you are comfortable with core subjects like Mathematics, physics, kannada, English, Management etc you can choose from any two out of this.

        But it's going to be bit difficult for you to prepare a new subject and appear for KAS exams. But nothing is impossible. As you are an Engineering student we guess you are pretty smart and intelligent and can take up any core subjects and with help of some guide, tution can make it in KAS. All the best.

      7. hello sir,
        iam a post graduate student and i have done M.Sc in sericulture so which optional would be suitable for me to choose.iam totally confused which to choose like pubmed/anthropology/agriculture/zoology/botany....please help me.

      8. nice to have this info.

        can u guide to study on our own as i canot invest on classes i need guidence to study. could u help me

        thank you


      9. hello, i have completed my post graduate diploma in business administration thru symbiosis centre for distance learning, is that considered as a degree using which i can apply for taking up the KAS exams?

        Please let me know.


      10. Hi
        As you have done M.Sc in Sericulture you can take up Agriculture, Sericulture, Agricultural Marketing And Co-Operation as elective subject. Again it depends on how comfortable you are with preparation of the subject.

        Hi Trilok,
        It's not compulsory that you need to take tutions. If you have discipline and strong will to study by yourself. You can always do that. There are lot of guides on KAS is available. You can also buy some books and prepare yourself.

        Hi Arti,
        As per KPSC regulations Anyone who have completed Degree from recognized university can apply (it's 10+2+3 System) If you have done your PG without doing Degree your chances to apply is less. And check that whether Symbiosis is a ovt. UGC Recognised University or not.

        You can always contact KPSC Officials through the phone number 080-30574908 (O)

      11. Hi,
        I'm chitra, i hv completd BE in computer science...i am a fresher..i want to prepare for KAS exam... hv selected KANNADA as my optional subject . so can u plz suggest me how i shd prepare myself for the prelims.

      12. Hi iam sreekath.N i compleated my MBA... i chosen the public administration subject as my elective in kas.... iam not getting right material to study.... which books i need to choose to study... And the way of study to the exam.... what type of study i need to studt... right now iam working... but my dream goal is to pass the kas and to become a good administrater.... please refer some books..... its my humble request......

      13. Hi

        I studied BA and English as major subject, i am confused as to choose which subject for the exam or can i select the subject which i have not studied in degree. please suggest me which subject can i choose for the main exam. My subjects in degree were history, economics, and English literature.

        Thank you

      14. Hi,
        This is Nagesh, Software Engineer. I have decided to take KAS Exams. I have planned to take Public Adminstration and Criminology as my optional subjects. Please refer me Good Books for these Subjects, as i am not having any Idea about this Exams. Please refer me General Studies Books also.. Feel free to contact me at 9986668501.

        Thanks in advance,

      15. Hi,
        Mohan here i am B.A.LL.B.Student My aim is to become IAS officer so i m preparing from past 3 months but i don't think so i m well prepared yet , i m looking forward for a good coaching center to join now.

        Thanking you

      16. sir i want to know what is the passing marks for kas prelims for both gs and optional

      17. hi,
        i have completed my B.E in computer science pls suggest me to choose the subject actully im in confuse pls
        THANK U SIR

      18. Dear sir, iam very happy to have a such a nice website for KAS also.pls make the information updated and give more and more tips from experts so that it can become easy to tackle with the esteemed exam

      19. Hi Im shivu,

        I am studying my BBA in Alagappa university (Its distance education) I just wanted to now is this university is eligible to go for KAS exam. can you please suggest me, and as well as suggest me which specilisation can i choose for KAS. can you please guide me about this because i dont now much info about the KAS exam but i wanted to go for this so can you please help me in these cases.
        Thanking you.

      20. If you have completed degree from any recognized university you are eligible for appearing in KAS Exam.

        Alagappa University is recognized so you are eligible. (After you complete the degree course)

        you can choose Management, Commerce, Accounting:, Business Organisation & Secretarial Practice, Economics, Karnataka Economy, Public Administration, Statistics, Rural Development etc. Which are quite relevant to your degree.

        There is no compulsion that you have to take relevant subjects though it's easy for you to prepare.

      21. hi..
        this is manasa am completed my graduation and also studying pg course now am decided to am become a k A s officer so please help me to how to prepare this exam

      22. hello sir,
        sir in KAS mains,do we have to select two optional papers ?
        then can we select one paper has kannada and other as anthropology sir ? plz answer for this sir

      23. sir, i've done my graduation i'm very much interested in KAS ...can u plz guide me sir...i've one question sir
        in kas mains can i select one paper has kannada/english and other has zoology ?
        but in mains kannada and english paper is a mandatory...hence can i choose the other paper in two selectives as kannada/english sir? plz reply for this sir

      24. @Amisha

        Refer How to Prepare for KAS Exam for detailed instructions and procedures of KAS Exam.

      25. sir, in the kas mains....can i select 1 elective as kannada...and other elective as anthropology.....then i'll get paper 1 as kannada and 1 elective as kannada too...and other elective as your website u have mentioned that kannada also an elective subject...hence i'm asking this question sir....plz do reply sir

        Paper 1 – Kannada (150 Marks)

        Paper 2 – English (150 Marks)

        Papers 3 & 4 – General Knowledge (300 Marks each)

        Papers 5,6,7 & 8 : Four Papers on Two Elective Subjects (300 Marks each)

      26. Yes. You are right there is two Kannada Subjects . One is compulsory Kannada another is Elective subject. You can choose that....

      27. thank u for your response sir.....actually i have seen one of the persons marks card of the KAS Mains that he has taken
        Paper 1 - general studies 1
        paper 2 - general studies 2
        paper 3 - criminology 1
        paper 4 - criminology 2
        paper 5 - kannada 1
        paper 6 - kannada 2

        this was 2010 marks card of KAS MAINS
        but in this i couldn't find 7th and 8th paper...and there is no 1 english paper, 1 compulsory kannada paper....
        so i guess is there any change of syllabus pattern sir.....
        i request u to check once the 2010 syllabus pattern sir

        plz do reply sir

      28. @Amisha
        Compulsory Kannada (Sub Code : AA) & Compulsory English (Sub Code : BB) papers are for qualifying exams only. i.e The marks scored in this subjects will not be considered for KAS scoring so will not appear in the marks card. But scoring minimum marks in these two languages is a must inorder to be eligible for KAS.

        Those who fail to pass in these two subjects will not be qualigied as KAS even though they do good in all other papers.

      29. thanks alot for the information sir.....
        sir i can find everywhere the syllabus for kas mains...but i could not able to find the syllabus for kas prelims...

        if u dont mind sir....can u provide the kas prelims syllabus sir

        plz do reply sir

      30. We are also trying to collect KAS Prelims Old question Papers. If any one have previous year question papers please share the links or send to us.

      31. sir, if i choose anthropology for of now...i dont have the syllabus for the question is
        does the syllabus of mains is enough to prepare for the syllabus of prelims sir?

        plz do reply sir

      32. KAS (Prelims) Exam syllabus is provided in the post. Please refer the post and download the syllabus file.

        You can also download KAS Prelims Syllabus here

      33. sir, i would like to ask your guidance for choosing the best optional subject for prelims (KAS) .....

        i would like to choose anthropology or zoology for of now ....i've not seen the previous question papers of prelims.... hence would like to know whether each would be easy if i opt it....sir

        Basically anthropology has most large theory parts.....but zoology will be much good for prelims i guess so....

        but anthropology is good for mains ...cause it has lot of theory parts....which is good for conventional type..sir

        but i'm really confused which to take as a prelims options sir
        hence i would ask your help clarify the confusion sir

        plz do reply sir

      34. sir when will the new notification for kas exams come? and also how to prepare for the new syllabus?

      35. please suggest me study materials for kas 2011 new syllabus

      36. MURULI
        Sir this website is very informative. I am very thankfull to you.Sir I have done BE in E&C. I wanted to collect all KAS materials.
        Where can I get that full materials? please guide me sir


      37. Dear Sir,
        My name is pooja, I have completed graduation in BE -Biotech. I am a fresher interested to take KAS exam. Please guide me the way. Am i eligible?if so, which subject would i prefer?Do i need to go for coaching? or is that fine if i buy the books?


      38. sir m looking to write the kas exam, so can u suggest some gd coaching class in mumbai......

      39. I have a question..

        How to i approach the KPSC officials to add another subject to the list existing list available.
        i want to recommend them to add "Computer Science" as a subject going forward.

      40. This blog is really informative. i just wanna have KAS question papers get downloaded.... but after visiting this blog i got much more information about KAS exam.

      41. Hi dear sir, I'm Kalpana.

        I have completed BE in electronics and communication and currently working in IT firm. I have decided to take up the KAS exam seriously. It would really appreciated if you guide me on choosing the optional subjects.


      42. @ Kalpana
        It's good you have decided to write KAS Exam. In Prelims there will be general paper, which is common to all. Once you pass through prelims then you can choose subjects for Main Exam. First you concentrate of clearing KAS (Prelims) Exam.

        Today is last date for applying for KAS 2012 Exam. Hope you have already applied online for the same.

        For Main Exam you need to think about subjects you are really good at & choose the subjects from the list. As Computer Science is not in the KAS Subject List. Think about your PU Subjects in which you were good at and choose accordingly.

      43. Hi,i am manjunath. i completed mbbs and i am interested in kas..pls suggest which subjects to take

      44. @ Manjunath
        You can take Science Subjects like Botany, Zoology, Physics, Chemistry, Veterinary Science etc. As Medicine is not there in the list of subjects.

        Meanwhile KAS is implementing new syllabus for KAS. Refer KAS 2012 Syllabus for more details.

      45. Hello sir
        Myself Sunil Rathod final year student of B.E CIVIL i'll be completing my degree in july so i have lot of interested in KAS so plz suggest me and is it very difficult to clear

      46. hello sir,i'm jagadeesh a final year B.E student.i don't find my branch in the list of elective subjects offerd by kpsc,so can you suggest good subjects for preparation and i'm pretty good in physics and kannada

      47. HI,

        I am appearing for KAS Gazetted Prilims exam 2012 Can any one tell me which books I need to refer or combination of any books as such?

      48. Refer the books listed in the post above.

      49. Hello sir ,am an ayurvedic post graduate doctor i want to appear KAS in 2013 , as we dnt have ayu subjects in commission so pls can u suggest me the subjects whch i can opt for exams...and suggest some good books to refer ..

      50. KPSC has changed the Exam Pattern & Syllabus for KAS from 2012. Please refer New KAS Syllabus and Exam Pattern.

        You can refer these KAS Books.

        You can take any subject that is easy for you to prepare. There is no restrictions on choosing the subjects. You can choose basic science subjects like botany, chemistry or Psycology, zoology etc. Whichever subject you choose make sure you are comfortable with the subject beacuse you have to prepare on your own.

        All the Best.

      51. sir,,
        i'm an engineering graduate,which elective subjects will be easy for me?pls reply me

      52. sir,i am mbbs graduate.can u help me which subjects to choose.and books to refer.

      53. hello, sir im studying in BA final year,my combination is englisi, pol.sci nd history, nd but im an amateur student of psychology, can u please suggest me.d elective subjects nd d reference books,

      54. hello sir,
        i am sushma..and am studing BE( coputer science) very interested in doing pls tell me the age limit and for giving kas exam tuitons are requied or self preparation is enough...reply me soon sirr ...pls inform me soon

      55. hello sir
        am studing BE (cs)..i am very interested in giving kas exam..i am fresher so pls tell me the age limit and also tuitions are required for giving exam or self preparation is enough ....pls sirr ...give me a solution for my doubt...


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